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About Us

We are a family owned and operated business who put our customers first. We use proven systems and techniques to make your foundation and basement a safe place.

We are a part of the safe basements network:

The SafeBasements™ Waterproofing and Foundation Repair dealer network is a group of carefully selected foundation repair contractors working to only offer the best products and services. SafeBasements™ only accepts members that pass strict requirements and agree to fulfill ongoing educational training, while maintaining an excellent reputation in their service areas. Not just any repair contractor can become a member. We take the time to qualify each contractor to ensure proper and efficient installation for our basement and foundation repair products. Safe Basements Inc. products are only available through the Safe Basements Inc Dealer Partner Network.

Here is what we say:

"Many of our competitors are more marketing driven companies, offering very slick collateral material, and large teams of sales results based dealers. Our opinion is we'd rather have a small group of highly trained foundation experts, than a huge dealer network of both good and not so good members."

Here is what our customers say:

"The best contractor experience we have ever experienced. The owner, Neil Bookout, was hands-on from quote to completion. His team from scheduler to supervisor were courtious and professional from start to finish. Their work was complete and the finished product was perfect - no trace of the repair visible - as if nothing ever happened (which was a mess after the problem surfaced and the extend of damage revealed. Neil was forthcoming with all the variables that might be uncovered before the work started and verified and communicated all discovery along the way. He approached the problem with the idea of keeping repair and related cost at a minimum and allowed us to make decisions after the full extent was understood. His firm also offered one-stop shopping from beginning to end including all finishing supplies and labor. No sub-contracting needed. A complete report of findings and repair was provided including root cause which we provided to condo association. In the end the condo association has repaired the original problem in our condo and has moved on to other units pro-actively. I would trust him and his team in my home every time. Thank you, Neil. This was a very worrisome problem to me and today I feel trouble-free and have zero doubt the cost was anything less than fair."
(Customer review on Angie's List.)

"Got in touch with Neil Bookout the Owner to come out and give me his opinion of the situation in my basement. He came to my house on a Saturday morning and I explained that we have suddenly had water seeping in a side wall for the first time in the 30 years we have lived in our home. Also I pointed out a long crack about half way up from the floor on the back wall. Not a great deal of bowing and it had not progressed much in the many years we lived here. Neil explained what our options were and wrote up an estimate. I decided to go with Neil's company about a week later. He arrived on Thursday December 4 with three other people. Two were his employees and the other guy was a representative with Safe Basements out of Minnesota. The first day they dug a 12' long trench down to the footer by jackhammering the concrete floor inside the house along the side wall. They installed the Safe Basements patented Multi-flow Drain Tile System. The next day they installed the Carbon Fiber Straps along the back wall and replace the Window Wells that were rusting through on the outside.. At this point I can't say if it works or not but I am confident it will. We have a lifetime guarantee on the Carbon Fiber Straps through the Manufacturer. Everything went as smoothly as you would expect for a job like this. Neil was great and really went out of his way to make us happy. I feel really good about going with Neil's company. I think he is a very sincere and honest contractor."
(Customer review on Angie's List.)

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