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Basement Watterproofing

Premium Basement Waterproofing System

When a home has a wet basement, it can be a disaster for the homeowner to deal with. This moisture can ruin anything that is stored in this space, and it can also contribute to damage to wooden materials below the home, including support beams and floor joists. This rotting wood smells bad, and it can also be very inviting to unwanted critters, such as termites and mosquitoes. What's more, this moisture can lead to the development of black mold, mildew, and bacteria which could make a home smell very musty, and even make its inhabitants very sick.

The first step in the basement waterproofing process is calling in our professionals to diagnose the cause of the leaks. Water often gets into a home through the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor), through leaking wall or floor cracks, over the top of the foundation because of poor yard grading and drainage, through basement windows with clogged window well drains, or the moisture could show up because of a baked up sewer line or other various plumbing problems. Regardless of the cause of the moisture, the situation will need to be taken care of as soon as possible so that additional damage isn't done. The waterproofing professional will carefully evaluate the situation and determine what the best product(s) is for the job to guarantee that the basement stays dry, safe, and healthy.

Safe Edge™ Water Diversion

This is said to be the most advanced waterproofing system on the market today. It features the SafeBasements™ multi-flow drain tile system which is able to cover a much wider area when compared with similar waterproofing products available. The increased surface area allows for more of an opportunity to collect water which otherwise would have ended up on the floors or walls of the basement environment, causing serious damage and staining. The mulit-flow drain has special ports in its design which make it easy to add on a Radon mitigation system, as well, if this is something that the homeowner is interested in. The drain tile empties water into a sump pump system.

Safe Edge™ is built with a rubber seal which diverts water from the cove joint area of a basement (where the wall meets the floor), and empties it into the multi-flow drain tile which then empties the water into the sump pump. Once water inside the sump basin reaches a certain level, it will be sent out and away from the home to a safe distance away where it won't easily be able to get inside again. This system is available in two different sizes, for both finished and unfinished basements.

Safe Drain™ Waterproofing System

This specially-designed waterproofing system will easily be able to drain water away from the basement area, and also reduce hydrostatic pressure around the home at the same time. The patented design of this product features a rubber seal on the back which presses against the basement wall, and this eliminates the risk of water getting out onto the floor where it could cause serious damage. This provides for the best solution to not only drain water out of the home, but also reduce hydrostatic pressure to reduce the risk of water being pushed in through the cove joint or through floor cracks. It also helps to reduce the risk of the foundation being effected with bowing walls.

The lower profile and wider design of the system allows for a 100% thicker layer of concrete to easily be poured over the installation area in the basement without compromising its ability to reduce hydrostatic pressure around the home or its ability to properly drain water. This helps to make the system a permanent and lasting solution to moisture issues underneath a home.

Safe Track™ Water Evacuation System

With this waterproofing system, no excavation is required in or around the home. It's a non-invasive waterproofing technique which will be able to take care of moisture issues in a block foundation wall. It can be used together with the SafeBasements™ Healthy Living Encapsulation System. Water is diverted down the wall (with a vapor barrier in place) and into a sump pump system. Once water in the sump reaches a certain level, it will be sent out and away from the home. Safe Track™ also features a rubber seal on the back to prevent seeping moisture from getting out of the system and damaging walls or floors. It also lowers the amount of Radon gas which is able to enter the home through the cove joint.

SafeBasements™ Multi Flow Drain Tile

This drain tile is specially-designed to be able to better control the rate of water flowing through to the sump pump. When the rate is slow and steady, water is able to be properly maintained and carefully sent to the sump basin. This means there is a lowered risk involved with water accidentally spilling out of the drainage system and onto the floor or walls where it could cause damage or staining.

The drain tile is installed along the footer of the basement and is set up at ground level. It is specially-engineered to be able to control water in five different stages, slowly and steadily. Whenever there is a severe risk of flooding (after a heavy rain or when there is a warm spring day with melting snow), the five stage process is much better able to control the flow of water than a standard 4" drain tile. This helps to lessen the risk that the foundation will crack or get damaged because a build up of too much hydrostatic pressure in the soil surrounding a home.

SafeBasements™ Sump Pumps

Sump pumps by SafeBasements™ are designed to be energy efficient, and they can easily control a lot of water at one time. They have an extended basin which is much larger than traditional sump pumps being sold on the market today. The sumps also feature a clear lid which makes inspection and maintenance much simpler. Also, the lid has an air-tight seal which helps to prevent dangerous Radon gases from getting inside and effecting the indoor air quality of a home.

Once water inside the pump reaches a certain level, it will be pumped out and away from the basement of the home. These sumps are designed with quality and efficiency in mind. We can also install battery backup sump pumps for extra protection against leaks in case the main pump malfunctions, or if the power happens to go out.

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