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Foundation Repair

Structural problems are common in any type of home, regardless of what kind of architectural style it may have, or whether it's old or new. Many foundation issues are caused from settlement of the soil below and around a home, or from improper building techniques or materials being used during the time when the home was built built. Regardless of what has caused the issue, it needs to be taken care of immediately when noticed so that it doesn't endanger the structural integrity of the home.

Homeowners often want to know what some of the warning signs are that they can be on the lookout for which may indicate that they have a problem with the base of their house.

Take a look at the following list to learn more:

  • Cracks form on the inside or outside of the home.
  • One or more sides of the home appears to be sinking.
  • Cracks form on porches, sidewalks, or in driveways.
  • Basement walls are leaning into the home.
  • Cracks form along window or door frames.
  • Windows and doors don't won't open or close properly.

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