Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Most foundations are made from concrete materials. Over time, concrete will naturally settle and shrink. This can cause the formation of wall and floor cracks. While floor cracks may not pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of a home, they still need to be taken care of before they start letting water seep inside. Wall cracks, on the other hand, could be a warning sign of a bigger foundation problem, and they should be inspected thoroughly. Often times, wall cracks will be in a horizontal, vertical, or stair-step pattern, often extending outward from the top of the foundation, or outward from a bowing basement wall.

To repair foundation cracks, we make use of an epoxy injection technique. First, the surface of the crack will be cleaned off so that no dirt or debris can get inside during the repair process. Next, the epoxy material will be injected into the crack to fill it up from the soil to the surface. Once it's dry, no moisture will be able to seep inside from the soil surrounding the home. It can also be painted over to match with the rest of the basement environment if need be.

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